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Cath Recycle vous accompagne sur le chemin d'une garde robe plus éthique.

Slow Fashion and Eco Chic Lifestyle 

Every year tons of textiles  are thrown away. Collect these textiles to give them new life and do something for the planet. 

When you're a fashion lover, it's hard not to give in to the great temptation of fast fashion.

But you don't have to change your style and fashion every 3 months. 

Making your clothes last is an important ecological and even economical gesture.

Certainly we pay more for a piece but it will last longer. Learn to choose quality over quantity. Learn to take care of your clothes, repair them when necessary and simply love them. This is what slow fashion invites you to do. 

An idea that applies to clothing as well as jewelry and accessories.

And just because we care about the planet doesn't mean we're going to sacrifice fun and style. By adopting an Eco chic lifestyle, we can continue to enjoy ourselves while preserving the environment. 

exemple de la garde robe éthique
logo de Cath Recycle
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It's the story of a passion

Cath Recycle was born from my passion for the environment and fashion.

I realized that the fashion industry was one of the most polluting industries in the world, and I decided to do my part by creating a company that offers sustainable, eco-friendly fashion products. and ethics.

Each piece of Cath Recycle is one of a kind, made from carefully selected recycled textiles and transformed into stylish clothing, jewelry and accessories.


But the sustainability doesn't stop there: each Cath Recycle item is designed with a consigne to encourage the circular economy and reduce textile waste.


Eco-responsible company


bijoux en textile

Handmade creations


sac pochette boro




An upcycled fashion

From recycling to a bohemian spirit.

Find here creations with a bohemian spirit made from recycled textiles. The approach goes beyond recycling.

It is overcycling or upcycling. Matter does not undergo any physical transformation. It is just reused.

Zero waste is fundamental in these creations, nothing is thrown away. Everything is reused.

We thus find in the jewelry elements of old costume jewelry that have been disassembled to be reassembled otherwise.


Cath Recycle is on a mission to empower women to express themselves in unique and creative ways, while offering them a sustainable alternative to traditional fashion.

Cath Recycle is committed to reducing textile waste and pollution associated with the production of new garments by using existing textiles to create unique, handcrafted fashion pieces.



To control the complete chain from design to end of life of your items, these are recorded.

When your items have lived, damaged or broken, you can return them to Cath Recycle for recycling in exchange for a discount on your next purchase.

The amount of the reduction depends on the nature of the returned item.

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The blog


Follow me in the workshop, on the markets and in my daily life.

We will talk about upcycling, recycling but above all about ethical fashion, healthy beauty, an Eco Chic lifestyle which consists of continuing to have fun while reducing our impact on the planet.

Staying stylish and chic while respecting the environment is possible.

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