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Cat's story

The creator

Passionate about fashion, I was a fashionista who had always sought to follow trends and wear the most fashionable clothes.

But one day I realized the negative impact that fast-fashion had on the environment and the working conditions of the people who make the clothes.

Determined to change my habits, I started looking for more sustainable and ethical alternatives for my wardrobe.

This is how I discovered the world of upcycling and boro, these craft techniques that consist of reusing existing materials to create new clothes.

So I embarked on the adventure of creating ethical fashion, using recycled materials and creating unique pieces, inspired by the traditional Japanese art of boro.

I founded the brand "Cath Recycle", which offers beautiful and durable clothing, designed to last. 

I also decided to promote the circular economy by offering returnable clothing, which extends the life of clothing and reduces its environmental impact.

As a converted fashionista, I know that fashion can be both ethical and stylish, and I want to show it to everyone.

portrait de Cath la créatrice
Jean customisé façon "Boro"

The brand

Committed to an anti-waste approach, the brand recycles fabric scraps and end-of-life clothing.

Cath Recycle does its part by offering a collection of jewelry and accessories created from recycled textiles.

A bohemian style, sometimes vintage, the brand's jewelry and accessories are often unique pieces made by hand in France (Moselle). The clothes are also unique pieces in the same bohemian spirit.

The "Cath Recycle" brand is proud to offer unique clothing, which reflects the personality of each person who wears it. And she is convinced that together we can make a difference and make fashion a more sustainable and equitable industry.

To go further in the process and with a constant concern for its environmental impact, Cath Recycle offers you a consigne system.

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