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For the sake of anti-waste and zero waste, all items in the shop (except badges) are recorded.

You can therefore return your items to Cath Recycle when they are damaged, broken or you no longer have use of them. 

This process allows you to retrieve a voucher in the store and allows Cath Recycle to recycle these items for new creations.

To benefit from the deposit, you must return the article in question to us via the form that you will find at the bottom of the page.

The amount of the voucher depends on the nature of the item purchased.

The instruction is:

2€ on all jewelry

1€ on key rings, scrunchies and hair clips

€5 on bags and pouches.

10€ on clothes

Cath Recycle stands for sustainable fashion and wants you to be able to keep your items for as long as possible, but we understand that you can get tired of an item or it breaks or gets damaged over time.


Complete the Return to Consignment Form. Print it and slip it into your package.

Return costs are your responsibility.

Upon receipt of your item, Cath Recycle will send you your voucher by email that you can use on the online store or directly on a market.

The form also allows you to choose to have your item repaired at no additional cost.

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